Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby's First Birthday Toile Tea Party

This Party was inspired by my love for toile. The party was given early spring March 20, 2011. I used soft tones of pink, lavender and periwinkle. The party also included accents of the number one, baby blocks and butterflies. The backdrop banner features the baby's monogram and the number one.

Hand painted backdrop by Spare Me the Details

Pennant banner by bnute productions

Tags and Sign by bnute productions
Chocolate Lollipops
Custom designed cake topper courtesy of Sugar cookie Dolls

Hand painted candlestick by Spare Me the Details
The Birthday Girl!


  1. 1st time on your blog! :-) Okay, the decor of this party is seriously BREATHTAKING! So beautiful & girly! Girl, you did an excellent job! Seriously, I could see these pics in a magazine.


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  3. Wow!!!Thank you so much K.D.!!! I'm not sure why I'm just seeing your comments but thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words! Thanks for stopping by :)