Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Room Service Please!!! A Valentine's Day lunch for two sweet little girls

Driving around town last week my daughter Hannah-Grace began to notice that neighbors houses and various places we went in were decorated. She asked me what hoilday was coming. "People are getting ready for Valentine's Day" I replied. "Where's our Valentine's Day decorations?", she asked. I told her we weren't decorating for Valentine's Day. With a puzzled look on her face she began to plead her case. "Mommy we always celebrate and we believe in love!" I explained to her that yes, we do believe in love but every day that God created is a day of love. I told her that God wants us to show love to others everyday and in everything we do, not just on holidays. She accepted my answer and said, "I know mommy but a party and decorations sure would be fun (truly her mother's daughter)! At that moment, I decided to surprise my girls by allowing them to enjoy a private lunch "party" in their room for Valentines Day.

The little ladies listened to their Disney Princess Tea Party album on their ipod during their special lunch

At your service!

Tea Cart: Pottery Barn Kids

Mini Cupcakes, Strawberry Marshmallow Hearts, Tea and Milk

Sequined Heart tied to the back of the chair
Mini Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Peeps

I used the girls bookcase to display their goodies

Heart Shaped Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Sandwiches, Heart Shaped Turkey and Swiss Sandwiches

A box of Chocolate Covered Strawberries with pink heart sprinkles

Fresh Pink Roses

Naomi's Pink Teddy Bear "Bella Rose" was invited too

The lighting was soft and romantic

I used a crystal lamp with a rose trimmed lampshade in place of candles for safety.
The favor bags contained mini pink nail polish and pink lace heart stickers
Instead of a lace table cloth, the table was draped with a thin layer of pink tulle and pink rose petals

In everything, give THANKS............
(this touched my heart)

I Guess I forgot the Veggies...

My litle "tutu" Naomi

Happy Valentine's Day my sweet girls!

The lunch was inexpensive. The balloons, cups, napkins and trays were purchased from Dollar Tree. The cupcakes and cookies were purchased from Target's bakery for $2 per dozen. I love Dollar Tree and Target! Talk to you soon.....